What does py-modular aim to accomplish?

From a development perspective

Some goals behind py-modular are personal to myself as a developer. First off, this is my first project that I am officially releasing to the public. Additionally, this is my first real project written in Python, and by real, I mean a project that I have actually finished. At the time of writing this, the project is far from being stable, optimized, or production-level code, but it serves as a beginning for what I wan’t to put out into the world of music technology.

From an artistic perspective

As an artist, this project represents breaking away from the comfort of whatever artistic tools you regularly use. I used Ableton Live religiously for my first 8-10 years as an electronic music producer. While I still firmly believe in what Ableton and other DAWs and big name software companies have to offer, I also think that most evolution in the arts industries come from trying new ideas and experimenting with technologies not originally intended to be used creatively. This project has helped me to realize how many artistic and creative ideas I have that would never have come to light if I would have stayed in my production comfort zone.

For the end user

py-modular started primarily as a personal project for me, but my hopes are that it can become an interest for others as well. In my own experience with learning how to develop software, I have become a big advocate for DIY music technology projects. I think that, if you are a music producer or artist who uses technology, and you have never written code, you are not reaching your full potential. This is not saying that everyone should be writing software every day, or that everyone should enjoy it. It is just saying that we are living in a world where there are new technologies appearing every day, and, as musicians and creatives, we should be actively searching for what the next synthesizer is or what the next production technology is.

That being said, I hope that artists who have never experimented with technologies will try out py-modular and become inspired.

For the community

For me, py-modular has been a place for me to combine all my small musical ideas into a larger, finished product. I think that one of our biggest mistakes as musicians, developers, and general creatives, is being afraid or just reluctant to publish our works. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to try music technology development to contribute to the project. Also, I could use a lot of help trying to get py-modular to be real time capable ;)